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Emsculpt Build Muscle Treatment in Hyderabad, Vijayawada

Best Emsculpt Build Muscle Treatment Clinic in Somajiguda, Banjara Hills Hyderabad

Emsculpt is a non-invasive body-shaping and fat-reduction procedure that not only helps to decrease fat but also tones and strengthens the muscles in the treated regions. Unlike other methods of fat reduction like Liposuction and CoolSculpting, which directly target the fat. This treatment improves muscular tone and fat metabolism by contracting the muscles more forcefully than is achievable with physical exercise.

Clinical research, indicates fat loss along with defined and sculpted muscles to the belly and buttocks after a series of 4 treatments and support the efficacy of Emsculpt. 

Clinical research on healthy patients produced the following findings:

  1. Stomach/Abdomen
  2. Buttocks (Butt Lift)
  3. Upper Arms/Biceps/Triceps
  4. Thighs
  5. Calves

High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic Technology (HIFEM), which is employed in the Emsculpt, causes the body to experience strong supramaximal muscular contractions that are not possible through voluntary muscle contractions that take place during exercise. These supramaximal contractions compel the muscle tissue to modify its internal structure in an effort to adapt, which causes the body to develop muscle and burn fat.


Emsculpt Treatment

When you go to the clinic for your Emsculpt treatment, you will get comfortable on the treatment bed while a flat therapy paddle is applied to the region being treated. As you continue with your therapy and subsequent sessions, the practitioner will work to increase the intensity of the treatment to 100.

Since the paddle will hold your stomach tight for a few seconds at a time, with moments of relaxing tapping in between, the treatment may seem intense. Your treatment will be finished in 30 minutes, at which point you can depart and resume your regular activities.

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