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Jawline Correction Treatment in Hyderabad, Vijayawada

Jaw line correction

A young face is described as having a hockey stick or heart shape, with fuller upper cheeks that taper toward the lower face. Volume shifts from the top to lower face regions are linked to aging. Due to the loss of midface volume (periorbital, malar, submalar, and buccal) and an increase in jowl volume and descent, the young heart form changes into a rectangular shape.

Despite this overall shift in volume toward the lower face with ageing, an ideal facial rejuvenation strategy must include focused augmentation of volume to the lower face. A young lower face is characterized by a seamless transition from the cheek to the chin and the absence of shadowing at the fold. An adequate bone foundation that provides enough volume at the pre-jowl sulcus and angle of the mandible is necessary for this young jawline form. Here, our knowledgeable specialists will evaluate and provide a treatment plan combining filler, threads, and HiFU.

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