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Scar Corrections

Best Laser Face Scar Corrections Treatment Clinic in Somajiguda, Banjara Hills Hyderabad

Apart from normal acne scars, there may be other keloidal scars, hypertrophicscar, accidental scars can be treated.

Hypertrophic scars – These are raised scars that remain within the boundaries of the original lesion, generally regressing spontaneously after the initial injury. Hypertrophic scars are often red, inflamed, itchy, and even painful. They typically occur after burn injury on the trunk and extremities.

Keloids – Keloid scars are raised scars that spread beyond the margins of the original wound and invade the surrounding normal skin in a way that is site specific with raised granulation tissue.

  1. At Amista, Our experienced doctors examine the skin condition, palpate the area and analyze with machines and accordingly we treat the area.
  2. We use all FDA approved products and solutions so that it revises the skin and we ensure promised results to the clients.
  3. We have high end imported FDA approved machinery to treat the scars and we follow all aseptic protocols.
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