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Eyebrow Microshading

Best Eyebrow Microshading Clinic in Somajiguda, Banjara Hills Hyderabad

With the rise of aesthetic beauty, more individuals rely on advancing makeup techniques, with eyebrows gaining particular importance. No need of use of eyebrow makeup or eyebrow pencil, we have a simple technique to fill your brows, simply to make you feel Wow !! Eyebrow arch/shading gives you a good featured look on your face.

At M. Mantra, we are offering a different innovative way of eyebrow arch alignment techniques like:

At present microblading has become a routine technique and everyone looking for more advanced treatments like micro shading or combination

In modern day world, the term “micro blading” involves a more superficial deposition of pigment into the stratum basale of the epidermis or the initial layers of the dermis. The technique involves tiny, feather-like strokes that resemble individual hairs to fill in and reshape the eyebrows.

 Whereas “micro-shading” involves a tool to create a powder-like feel by using dots to stipple the eyebrow. After a session, the pigment will darken, peel, and later lighten before turning into its true pigmented colour .

  1. Thin eyebrows
  2. Thick eyebrows to create shape
  3. Brow shape enhancement
  4. Any scar /suture mark on eyebrow can be camouflaged
  5. No eyebrows due to alopecia / due to any medication
  6. Improper alignment or arched brows
  7. Asymmetrical brows
  8. Patchy or irregular fill brows

We at AMISTA, once the client visit, our expertise doctor will :

  1. Take complete history through consultation form.
  2. Examine the skin type and analyse the skin and eyebrow area is any acne ? any pigmentation? any rashes or redness in particular region?
  3. Explain you about the technique according to your concern.
  4. We do a proper eyebrow mapping before starting the procedure according to your concern.

We use all FDA approved products and organic based high quality  imported pigments; disposable cartridges and we follow strict aseptic procedures.

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